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*Results may vary. Best results are achieved by combining diet and exercise as recommended by Dr. Liu*


     I had piriformis issues on the right side with intense pain throughout the hip and buttok that would move around.  I also had intense pain in my left hamstring in the mornings that would dissipate somewhat as the day went on.  This had been giving me problems for more than 3 months.  I had tried massage with trigger point therapy, and yoga and stretching, all of which gave me only temporary relief.

     Now, after just two acupuncture sessions with Li Liu, my pain went away completely, and has not returned.  It has been about four weeks, and I am pain free.        L.A.


     I had frequent headaches from the Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) prior to receiving acupuncture.  I changed my eating habits and thought I did not crave or eat that much sugar until I cut sodas out of my diet.  Once the sodas were removed, I craved sweets.

    Now, my headaches and tension from the TMJ are lessened without having to take medication thanks to Li Liu.  I no longer wake up every morning with a headache.  I visited numerous medical doctors and dentists that only presccribed medication to cover the symptoms.  Acupuncture eliminated them.  And now with ear staples I no longer crave candy, cakes and other sweets.        S.T.


​     I had no feeling in lower legs and feet. My feet were swollen, and it was hard to feel anything. It was hard to walk, and I easily bumped into things.

     Now, I can feel heat on my feet and it is easier to manuever, and I can feel the bottom/inside of my shoes.   L.H.


​     I was unable to walk, shop, or work without leaning away from the left leg pain.  Exercise was out of the question.  My spine was like the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the x-ray.  Standing upright was torture.

     Now, there are days when I can actually forget the condition.  There is no hesitation to walk, run, and lift a 70-pound package at work.  My nutrition regimen has restored the joy and zest to living.  I anticipate and expect total health.       R.L.


     My pain level was at 8 and my stress and anxiety was at 10.  My weight was too low, I had too much weight loss, my digestion was poor and my quality of life was poor.

    In only 2 weeks I feel SO much better! My pain level is 4 and my stress and anxiety is at 5. I am gaining weight, my digestion is good and my quality of life is good!

​                                                                            ​-------------------------------------------------


     I had painful, aching joints and off and on constipation as-well-as a bloating stomach.

     Now my joints are less painful and I hardly have any pain or soreness.  I have lost 10 pounds since coming to Li Liu. She had me cut back on all the fruit I was consuming.         C.E.



     I was slightly over-weight having joint pain in my knees and back.  I had low energy, sinus problems and was taking medication for blood pressure and water loss.

     Now my heart is stronger.  I am losing weight.  My energy level has improved.  The sinus pressure is relieved.  I have very little pain in the joints, knee, back and shoulder.  I am taking less medicine for heart and blood pressure.     J. W.



     I was dealing with back, muscular and neck pain along with high anxiety and stress levels. After seeing Dr. Liu and beginning taking the Korean Ginseng everyday, it has changed my life!  I don't take my cholesterol medication after 20 years of being on it!  My quality of life is EXCELLENT and I feel 20 years younger!           M.S.


     I felt I was healthy.  But at age 60 now, I feel you have to be pro-active about your health.  Testing showed my body/heart was the age of a 70 year old.  I did not like that.  Then 61 and now 63.  Still wanting to lower it.

     I am kind of a hyper person. I now find that I am calmer, more relaxed.  I feel I have less tension.  I am not getting upset from other people's actions as much as I used to.  My dry eyes are better and I am exercising more, which makes me happier.    S.G.



     I was experiencing anxiety, shortness of breath, and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

     Now, In just the first session, I felt more clarity and a sense of release of my tension, felt more positive, and a weight had been lifted off of me throughout the day.  I was more focused and had energy to do tasks that I have kept putting off.  My eating habits adjusted with my overall feelling of wellness.  I just feet normal again.     E. U.



     I was suffering with tinnitus, a motor loud noise in my head.  I went to see Li Liu only after seeing about twenty doctors -specialists.  At this point I lost 30 lbs, did not sleep for several months and my nervous system was shredded.

   Now, Dr. Liu started with the complete  evaluation and cleansing in combination with acupuncture and it took a year.  But I was seeing fast improvements of my situation and today I am fine.  I was discharged about a year ago.  I can only highly recommend Li Liu because my problem was so severe.       L. S.


          I was losing hair, overweight, tired, and mentally fatigued.  Li Liu found the blockages that we were looking for through Nutrition Response Testing.  She told me to take my jewelry off which included costume jewelry earrings and a gold necklace that I wore 24/7 for 6 straight years.

     When I drove away with my jewelry in my bag, not on my body, I began to feel burning from my throat to my chest.  It felt like energy returning.  The next morning I had lost 3 pounds and was glowing.  I think more clearly and my mind is not foggy anymore.  It is amazing the difference in my life that it has made already!  She had the insight and followed her instincts.           C. K.



     I had mucous strings in my eyes for more than 20 years.  They would stick my eyes together and I could barely open them in the mornings.  I stopped wearing contacts because of the strings.  They were very irritating!

     Now I have no strings!  I am free!             L.H.



     I was nauseous, weak and vomiting at least once a week.  Previously, I had seen numerous medical doctores, primary care, gastrointestinal, herbalists, holistic doctors and chiropractors for over six years and no one could help nme.  All I knew was that I had a nervous stomach and was put on the H2 blockers medications.  I did not want to take medications for the rest of my life.  When I stopped taking the medication, I would start feeling sick again.

     I have been seeing Li Liu for over 12 weeks.  This is the first relief I have had in years.  I weeks I have had zero to very little nausea and vomiting.  I am stronger. I feel 80% better.  I am feeling like myself- whereby I got a new personal trainer and I have the energy to workout 5 days per week now.  My mood is much improved.  I am very grateful to Dr. Liu for her support and helping me to get better!  Dr. Liu used nutritional testing, acupuncture and allergy-testing to give me the results to improve my health.  She was the first practitioner to get to the cause of my problem.          L.C.


     I was very stressed internally. I had poor digestion, bloated, poor circulation, exhausted, and poor sleep.

     Now there is great improvement overall!  Sleeping soundly-finally!  I have more energy all day.  Bowel movements are increasing.  I have less stress, and thinner, calmer and happier.          C.O.



    I was recovering from breast cancer surgery and taking chemotherapy treatments when I first started acupuncture.  Later I tried Nutrition Response Testing to help me rid my body of the toxins from chemo.  I was having all sorts of side effects and low energy, not sleeping well, and generally not feeling great.

     My improvements have been great.  While having chemo, my blood counts were perfect and my hair started growing back even before chemo treatments were completed.  The nutrition supplements have eliminated the dark circles under my eyes.  My energy and neuropathy are improving.  My blood sugar improved from 114 to 100 at my last checkup.  The pulmonary nodules (benign) on my lungs are gone.  My entire outlook and attitude has improved.          W. B.


     Balance in standing and walking was very bad. Legs and ankle weak.  Big problem with energy level.  Back pain from spine was severe when standing and walking.  Needed cane for all of the above.  Waking up frequently at night.

     Now my balance has greatly improved.  Legs are stronger and ankles.  Energy level has improved.  Cooking some meals again and walking around house more.  Back pain improved.  Not using  or need cane as much.  Happy! Happy!!! with progress!  Sleeping better without interruptions at night.  Rising from sitting position improved.          T.P.


     Just wanted to give you some feedback from the kidney patch.  I started using this patch after I was informed by my physician that blood tests showed problems with my kidney function.  This has been going on for a couple of years now, and each time the results were going the wrong way.  Although the words "first stage kidney failure" were not spoken by my physician, I am a retired registered nurse and I know what the results meant.

     That was 4 months ago.  I began using the kidney patch right away and continued until I got the results of my follow-up blood tests yesterday. (Which I delayed doing so that I could give my treatments a chance to work.)

     And yes, these patches were an "energetic complement" to what I was doing under the care of my naturopathic doctor.

     Happy to report that the results of the blood test showed everything to be absolutely "normal".  What pleased me so much was that the results were dead in the middle of "normal"-not uust on the outer fringes of normal.  My test results have not been this good for years.

     These results far exceeded my expectations.  I never thought that I could get such excellent results so quickly - but I did.

     Thank you AlphaBioCentrix for making such good patches.


*Results may vary. Best results are achieved by combining diet and exercise as recommended by Dr. Liu*





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