​​​AcuWellness Atlanta 

 Buckhead Location 
550 Pharr Rd NE, Ste. 410    
Atlanta  GA  30305  
Phone: 404-841-9994
Parking is behind the building on the surface lot ($3.00 valet only), in the underground garage (free), or 3rd level and above at the Staybridge Suites hotel next door (free).

Executive Park Location
57 Executive Park S, Ste. 150
Atlanta, GA  30329
Phone:  770-630-6819

​​Cumming Location 
107 Colony Park Dr, Ste. 900    
Cumming GA  30040
Phone: 678-513-8862


Inside of you is an intelligent, energetic system that maintains health and balance 

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art originating in China over 5,000 years ago. In ancient   times, Chinese people found sharpened metal would relieve pain. After years of experience, it was found that certain points can be connected and related to certain disease. That is how acupuncture point and meridian was discovered. Today meridian, the energy channel where Qi flows, can be detected through equipment.

The meridian has 12 standard and eight extra channels on both sides of the body, no matter what your age or race, the map of energy flow is the same. Meridian systems only can be found in living people. Once they die, the meridian does not exist anymore. By inserting hair thin needles to specific spots, the energy flow of the body can be balanced dynamically, thus giving the person the most flexibility to maintain health. Certain hormones like endorphins will be released to give the body a sense of well being, similar to the feeling during exercise. Serotonin levels can be adjusted as well to relieve pain through the  brain stem.

Terminology for acupuncture:

1. Qi (pronounced “chee”)— The vital energy which flows through all living things. Good Qi has positive effect on health, bad Qi has negative effect on health.

2. Meridian—–The energy channel where Qi flows. The body has twelve regular and eight extra meridians. Each meridian is connected to specific organs and glands.  Acupuncture needles are inserted on various points on the meridians.

 3. Moxibustion—–Burning the herb called mugwort on or over the skin. It is excellent to relieve chronic pain and soft tissue injury.

4. Acupressure/Tui Na Massage— Chinese bodywork that helps to enhance the energy, blood flow and stop pain. Hundreds of techniques can be applied to the muscles, joints or skin using the doctor’s  hands or feet. This massage technique is used to stimulate the meridians and help the flow of Qi.

5. Cupping—–Glass, bamboo or plastic jars are applied on the skin by a vacuum technique to improve the blood circulation and increase warmth. Cupping could leave red marks on the skin but will disappear within 5 to 7 days. 

6. Three Edged-Needle Therapy——-The only effective way for chronic, tough conditions.   Best used to avoid surgery.


Keep In Mind:

Although different techniques can be used on the body, the basic acupuncture points are the same, and so are the meridian lines.

“Qi is matter on the verge of becoming energy, or energy at the point of materializing.”

                                                                                   – Ted Kaptchuck