​​​AcuWellness Atlanta 


We deliver not only physical care, but also spiritual care.
We deliver not only health, but also education.
We deliver advice, but also truth.
We deliver hope, but also faith.
We deliver techniques, but also healing art.
We deliver services to adults, children and babies.
We deliver to the current generation, but also to future ones.
We deliver care, but also love.

​​​​AcuWellness Atlanta Services

Acupuncture  .  Allergy De-Sensitization Technique  .  Acu-Stim  Cupping  .  Cold Laser  .  Ear Staples  .  Ear Pricks  .  Electricity    Foot Detoxification  .  Varicose Veins  .  Nutrition Response Testing .

Emotox Body Balance Protocol  .  Emotional Center Point Release


 Buckhead Location 
550 Pharr Rd NE, Ste. 410    
Atlanta  GA  30305  
Phone: 404-841-9994
Parking is behind the building on the surface lot ($3.00 valet only), in the underground garage (free), or 3rd level and above at the Staybridge Suites hotel next door (free).

Executive Park Location
57 Executive Park S, Ste. 150
Atlanta, GA  30329
Phone:  770-630-6819

Cumming Location
107 Colony Park Dr, Ste. 150
Cumming, GA  30040
Phone:  678-513-8862

My Testimonial by Dr. Li Liu, L.Ac.:

Before I was introduced to Ulan Nutrition program, I struggled with weight gain for 6 years. Every day when I loked at the mirror, I could hardly recognize myself: my face was so swollen, my big eyes became invisible, and I looked very tired and depressed.  I did not have good energy to work, and after each meal, especially after lunch, my stomach would get very gasey and bloated, I was so sleepy that I had to take a nap.

At night I suffered insomnia and in the morning I had trouble waking up.  The cycle of life seemed upside down and I was seeking an answer but it was futile.

Things were totally changed after I   started nutritional program using 'a miracle tool' called nutrition response testing. I was​ tested with a lot of food sensitivity including wheat, rice and soy, which I ate every day, 3 meals a day. I stopped eating them overnight and within 3 months I lost 46 lbs. I could open my eyes more, and I had tremendous energy and mental clarity. Work becomes more fun than ever.

I use the same nutrition response testing tool to help my clients, especially the ones with challenges. They all saw amazing improvement.  The best part is my patients become interactive in the healing and become empowered to improve their diet and be more conscious about the environment, about the food, about our mother earth.

I believe our goal and purpose in life are helping as many people as posssible, and helping people especially the children to eat well and live a natural and healthy life to their optimum potential.

  - read more from my clients and myself at testimonials page  -   Dr. Li Liu, L.Ac.